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August 31, 2023

A Homeschool Classroom Makeover with a high contrast design and personalized elements

You asked for it, we’re giving it to you!

When an Army family needed a homeschooling classroom remodel, we were there to help get it into shape. We set them up for learning success with a high contrast design that made the space both visually appealing and functional.

We received a huge response from our viewers looking for details on where to get their hands on the materials we used in our design. So we’re going to give them to you here! You can recreate this space, or use these ideas as inspiration for a design that meets the needs of your home and family.

The perfect work space:
Starting with the 3-person workstation, including cabinets and lumber for a wall length desk that gives everybody their own space to get their work done. This worked great in the homeschool space, but you could consider something similar for a shared home-office space as well.

We used these black 6-drawer file cabinets for the workstation bases with 4 wooden legs for each file cabinet.

The table top for the work station was made using 2x10x12 lumber we picked locally at HomeBase and could be found at Home Depot or Lowes depending on your location.

We then stained it with Minwax Stain in the Provincial finish.

The task lighting also helped add an easy and innovative upgrade from the previous light features in the room. With remote controlled puck lights placed right inside the sconces, each person could personalize the light needed in their station, and there was no electrical wiring work needed.

We know easy, no-fuss DIYs are important for busy families. We used the 3M tape that came with puck lights, but I would recommend additional glue depending on the fixture you use so that the puck light stays in place.

We used remote controlled puck lights for lighting above the workstations. The original wall sconces we bought at Homebase but you can find this 11″ Oil Rubbed Bronze light fixture on amazon.

We bought the black chairs from Ikea to make the contrasting design POP!

Time to get organized and independent!

We found a great memo board for the spaces above each workstation.

You can find a Magnolia Home chalkboard and school house desk just like the ones in our design on Overstock.com.

That fun personalized hanging file folder system in grey felt came from Target but you can find a similar hanging wall file organizer and Scrabble Tiles on Amazon to add your own fun personalized touches!

Adding homeyness to that high-contrast design.

It’s vital to help make military housing feel like home. We always add details to make sure the redesigned space suits your practical needs, and presents the comfort your family is looking for. We got our 4-tiered bookshelf to store knick-knacks and stylized decor from At Home, and that cozy round gray rug can be found at Ikea!

We loved working on this project!

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